The HTTR plant is composed of a reactor building, a spent fuel storage building, a machinery building and so on. The reactor building is 48m by 50m with two floors above ground and three below.
 Major components such as the reactor pressure vessel (RPV), primary cooling system components etc. are all inside the containment vessel. The construction of the reactor building began in March 1991 and all major components were installed by March 1996.
 The block type fuel, instead of the pebble-bed, is adopted in the HTTR considering the advantages of fuel zoning, control of coolant flow rate in each column, easy insertion of control rods (CRs), irradiation flexibility in the core. Core components and reactor internals were installed in the RPV from May to August 1995.

History of HTTR


Main test results

Pre-operational test

Start-up physics test

Rise to power test

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