Present Status of HTGR
Research & Development

March 2004

I. Outline 1-1.pdf 1,271KB
1. Introduction
2. Organization for HTGR Research and Development
3. International Cooperation
4. Current R&D of HTTR
II. HTTR Design and Tests 2-1.pdf 577KB
1. Overview of HTTR
2. Construction of HTTR
3. Reactor 2-2.pdf 2,312KB
3.1 Nuclear and Thermal-Hydraulic Design
3.2 Fuel
3.3 Reactor Internals
3.4 Reactivity Control System
3.5 Reactor Pressure Vessel
3.6 Fuel Handling Equipment
4. Reactor Cooling System 2-3.pdf 659KB
4.1 Main Cooling System
4.2 High Temperature Components
5. Engineered Safety Features 2-4.pdf 637KB
5.1 Auxiliary Cooling System
5.2 Vessel Cooling System
5.3 Containment Structure
6. Instrumentation and Control System 2-5.pdf 699KB
6.1 Instrumentation System
6.2 Reactor Control System
6.3 Safety Protection System
7. In-service Inspection Apparatus and Irradiation Equipment 2-6.pdf 365KB
7.1 In-service Inspection Apparatus for Graphite Components
7.2 Irradiation Equipment
8. Performance Tests 2-7.pdf 1,972KB
8.1 Pre-operation Test
8.2 Results of Start-up Core Physics Tests
8.3 Rise-to-Power Test
9. Safety Demonstration Tests 2-8.pdf 1,250KB
9.1 Safety Demonstration Test Plan
9.2 Analysis Code and Model
9.3 Test Results
III. Outline of HTGR Research and Development 3-1.pdf 1,344KB
1. Fuel
2. Development of Carbon/Carbon Composite Control Rods
IV. Research and Development of High Temperature Nuclear Heat Utilization 4-1.pdf 2,030KB
1. Demonstration Test of Nuclear Heat Utilization System by HTTR
2. R&D on IS Process for Thermochemical Hydrogen Production 4-2.pdf 1,977KB
3. Design and Development on the Gas Turbine High Temperature Reactor 300 4-3.pdf 2,632KB
4. Development of Nuclear Heat Technology 4-4.pdf 2,248KB
V. Basic Research on High Temperature Irradiation 5-1.pdf 1,478KB
1. Introduction
2. Irradiation Characteristics of HTTR
3. Research Subjects for Preliminary Tests
4. Outline and Major Results of Preliminary Tests
4.1 New materials development
4.2 High temperature in-core instrumentation development
5. Preparation for HTTR Irradiation
Photo-1 150KB
Photo-2 106KB

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