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The first high temperature gas reactor in Japan

The high-temperature gas reactor uses the helium gas to take out very high heat of the nuclear reactor.
Helium gas is a very stable substance.
And oher influences are not received easily, and it is not made to the radiation.
Energy can be taken out even at the high temperature by about 1000 degrees because it is steady.
The hydrogen expected as next generation's energy can be made without exhausting CO2 by generating electricity at this high temperature.

HTTR has demonstrated that it is capable of providing high temperature nuclear heat for hydrogen production available for the world's first.


Upgraded core design of a small-sized High Temperature Gas -cooled Reactor suitable for application in emerging countries presented at the international conference in Kazakhstan.
The test of loss of forced cooling without the vessel cooling system operational(the loss-of-core cooling test, LOCC) in the HTTR was successfully completed.
JAEA starts test series to demonstrate safety characteristics of HTGR under loss of core cooling transients.
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